A coffee spill on the new sofa - so what? B-Guard™

Dirt-repellent upholstery and decorative fabrics from Baumann Dekor.

Just sit back and relax - spot removal has never been simpler.

Everyone knows from experience that, in time, every surface gets soiled and that spots can hardly be prevented.

With B-Guard™, Baumann Dekor offers the perfect solution: the normal process of soiling is delayed and home textiles stay looking like new for longer. Should a mishap occur, simply immediately mop up the spilt liquid, which won't penetrate the fabric, carefully with an absorbent cloth or fleece. Brush off dried-in stains, then gently dab them with a damp cloth or sponge until they disappear.

B-Guard™ is a protective feature that can be added to almost all standard and Trevira CS fabrics. This opens up the entire palette of Baumann Dekor designs and colours to you.

Your advantages at a glance

  • protects upholstery fabrics from oil, water and stains
  • has an almost permanent effect (up to 10 wash cycles)
  • combinable with most standard and flame-retardant fabrics
  • combinable with B-Fresh™, which neutralises odorous substances
  • effect proved in independent tests
  • prolongs the product life cycle of upholstery materials, particularly in public areas like restaurants and bars
  • reduces cleaning costs





Dirt-repellent upholstery