Never again suffer a bad atmosphere in your rooms - BFresh™

Odour-neutralising upholstery and decorative fabrics from Baumann Dekor.

Just sit back and relax - we provide clean air in every room.

Odours are occasionally experienced as unpleasant - particularly cigarette smoke. Even airing has no effect.

With BFresh™, Baumann Dekor offers the perfect solution: odorous and noxious substances like formaldehyde, cigarette smoke, etc. are catalytically transformed into non-critical substances and dissipated. In addition, the textiles are protected from taking on odours.

BFresh™ is a protective feature that can be added to almost all standard and Trevira CS fabrics. This opens up the entire palette of Baumann Dekor designs and colours to you.

Your advantages at a glance

  • actively dissipates odours and noxious substances
  • works with natural UV light and is therefore always active
  • medically proven effectiveness
  • works permanently
  • is harmless to humans and animals
  • permanent anti-bacterial effect
  • protects textiles from taking on odours
  • helps reduce wash cycles
  • suitable for use in hotels, private houses and apartments, hospitals, retirement homes, old people's and nursing homes, guesthouses and restaurants, offices and public buildings